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Hot guy for attractive woman

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Waiting for a friends with benefits type of relationship.

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Well whatever her eyes are considered. Piles of clothing on their bed and a little cluttered messiness at their place. Not filthy, but I can appreciate a little chaos.

Women who have a kid. Or kids. Some consider it baggage, but I think single mothers are sexy. A pudgy stomach. Obviously gorgeous women who drive a crappy car. Am I weird?

Why Beautiful Women Date Average-Looking Men

Anytime a girl talks with her hands. Like if she has very animated hand gestures, I find that really cute. Random talents.

Female magicians are my kryptonite. Not the beautiful assistants wearing a gown, but an actual woman doing full-blown tricks.

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Attrsctive a girl can moonwalk or throw food and catch it in her mouth or shuffle cards well — instant turn-on. Emotionally unstable, crazies.

Stretch marks, I swear. Bad lip jobs, which more or less appears to be every lip job. A woman with a round, potbelly. Not necessarily pregnant, but also not necessarily not pregnant.

Hot guy for attractive woman

As long as the look is there, baby or not it reels me in. Military women. Like a mild, woman version of Steve Urkel.

Tripping, spilling things, knocking stuff over. Weird, but I like it. Maybe Hot guy for attractive woman triggered this for me? LOUD laughers. Well yeah, for some reason they catch my eye… Or ear, I suppose. This is going to sound crazy, but girls who joke about poop and gross stuff.

A good sense of potty humor or at least being open about burps, farts and the sounds our bodies make is a nice change from those who treat it like an unspeakable subject. I Hot guy for attractive woman find myself being attracted to ladies with crooked teeth, especially the bottom ones!

I was going to help but she insisted she had it under control. So, I guess seeing a woman handle things that are traditionally done by a man. Thigh gaps.

Wait, are thigh gaps a common thing to like or no? Thigh gaps or prickly legs.

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Potty mouths. A lot of people I know are turned off by women who drop gyu or whatever but I could watch Chelsea Handler go on explicit rants all day. If you knew about my childhood crush on Eliza Thornberry, this would make so much sense. Being really cheap. So Hot guy for attractive woman like intense acne, but for some strange reason I like a few blemishes and spots.

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Front teeth gaps. Remember that woman on the London-look commercials? Uncommonly attractive?

60 Uncommon Things Men Find Attractive About Women | Thought Catalog

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I actually asked well over 50, but got several repeat answers or unusable responses, so I took the best version of that. Here are the responses.

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