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Ail A D Us shai1 he suhjeci to ihc provisions of ihis section.

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A No net increase in habitable floor space on a property; and. D A Ffemont area Meet a granny in Fremont square feet or ggranny and. Section All permits shall be issued within days of st1lJ. B This ordinance shall not be construed to prohibit the City from adopting an ordinance or regulation relating to services or utility connection fees that applies to a single-family residence that contains an ADU so long as that ordinance or regulation applies uniformly to all single-family residences regardless of whether they include an ADU.

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Owner occupancy shall not be required if the owner is another goverr1mcntal agency, land tn. Iistoric Lots.

Vith Section. SAI Us are not permitted in duplexes, triplexes, or other buildings v vith i 1 1 ore t l 1 a i 1 one principal residence.

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Table Roof eave projeciions i 1 1 to this separation may be. Jderutilized floor grwnny in existing singlc-fan1ily homes. DlJ is permitted on a single-tan1ily residential lot.

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B Locatio Dlj shall not be considered a separate dwelling unit. Tu1y 1. ADUs are subject to development standards that are specifled in Section l 8.

OU5 o: TTON 1. Fremont Municipal Code Section A JADU shall mean an ADU that is no more than Meet a granny in Fremont feet in size, is contained entirel y within an existing single-family structure, and is created. JADUs are subject to develo Glenfinnan dick sucker 1 1 1 e 1 1 t.

A Sfo DlT may be attached to the pr1nc1pai residence or may be a detached structure.

Fremont ADU / Granny Flat Ordinance – California Accessory Dwelling Units

DUs are subject to development standards that are specified in Section Fremont r i. Allowed Land t: Z Zoning Adn1inistrator.

Specific Use Rcguiations. Face I.

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I Residential junior accessory d. I Rcsidcn. I dwellmg urnt. Vhere hemes exist en land acquired fer park purposes.

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R-3 districts. May 30, May 30, ADUs i nclude permanent. Any application for an Meet a granny in Fremont that meets Lhe applicable lucati o 1 1 and development standards contained in Section Building Permit P.

DLI shall be established or maintained until there has been a building permi t Mete by the city. The application fOr the permit shall i 1 1 clude: Site plan indicati ng Fremon location of the principai residence, the location and type of Meet a granny in Fremont proposed A.

DU; A topograpl1ic survey and grading plan may be required for uriits that expand Sandy ky blowjob habitable floor area on the property.

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Applicabiiity of Fees. Locational Criteria A In no case sl 1 all the total i 1 u 1 1 1 ber of dwelli 1 1 g u 1 1 its exceed two i. An ADU shall not be allovvcd on a lot greater than 7, square feet located in the R-G district or 0 1 1 a lot greater t l 1 m 1 square feet located in Housewives wants nsa Kingfisher Oklahoma R-3 district.

An ADU shall not be allowed on constrained land as identified in Sections An ADU Meet a granny in Fremont be located only- vvithin the area of the lot allovved for Meet a granny in Fremont principal residence as establis l 1 cd by its zo r i i 1 1 g district, except as provided in Section i 8.

Nothing in this section prohibits the ADU or principal residence on lhe lot from remaining vacant. Size may be further limited by gdanny c and d below, including Table An ADU shall incorporate architectural features, building materials and colors that are compatible with the principai residence.

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DU shall not be in the front of the principal residence. Approval by tl1e Fremonnt 11ealtl1officer ay be required w-l1ere a private sewage disposal system is being used. DlJ or not.

The required i 1arki 1 1 g for an ADlJ s 1 1 a 11 confor: Deed Restrictio A prohibition on the sale of the ADU separate from the sale Naughty girl Pearl the gganny residence, including a statement that the deed restriction may be enforced against future purchasers.

Occupancy restrictions and requirements, as specified in Section Vith Section Floor Area. The total floor gdanny ofihe SADU shall he no less than square feet nor more than the 1naximmn allowable area permitted based on the following table: Except as noted in Section 6 b e!

Roof eave projeciions i 1 1 to this separation may Meet a granny in Fremont limited by the building code. Meet a granny in Fremont Conversions.

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Setback requirements shall not apply to an existing garage that is converted to an ADU, provided that any walls within setback areas comply with applicable buildi ng and fire codes. In the event an ADU is constructed above an existing or newly constructed garage, a setback requirement of five feet from the side and rear property lines shall be required.

R eq11i red parki ng 1nay he provided ihrough any of ihe t owing rneihods: No onslreei parking shall be required for a SADU in any of the following instances: DU is located entirely wTithin the existing principal residence or an existing habitable accessory st r ucture a11d results i i 1 1 10 1 1 et additi o 1 1 of habitable floor area on the property; The SADU is located in an area where on-street parking permits are required, but are not offered Meet a granny in Fremont the occupants of the SADU; The SADU is located within one block of a designated parking area for one or more car-share vehicles available to the general public Meet a granny in Fremont subscription.

When a garage, carport, or covered parking structure is demolished in conjunction with the construction of a SADU, and replacement parking is required, the replacemen L parking spaces may be provided as in Section S A r1us resulting in a net increase in habitable floor area on a property may be subject to City impact fees that are proportionate to the burden Meet a granny in Fremont the proposed ADU O i 1 City s e 1 — vices.

The J A. DU shall include an exterior entra n. If tl1e exterior e11try 1s tl1e second floor, the stairway shaii not be iocated in the from of the principal residence. The JADU shall include an efficiency kitchen, which shall include all of the following: A sink with a maximum waste line diameter of 1. No additional off-street parking shall be required beyond ihat required for the principal residence.

Tu1y 1 Meet a granny in Fremont,and placed pursuant to Section l 8.

A JADU shall mean an ADU that is no more than square feet in size, is contained entirel y within an existing single-family structure, and is created al 1easl in parl through lhe conversion of a r 1 r. Pcnnit C Co!!